Welcome to our Virtual House Church!

We invite you to look around and get a feel for our interactive Bible studies. If this is your first time visiting VHC, you may wish to visit the COMING OUT OF BABYLON page before going any further.


NOTE: We did several year’s worth of live services beginning in 2012 and going through to 2018 and have archived them here for you. We took a break for a few years, but now we are back at it again. If interested in joining us, see Rob’s YouTube channel or click the button below for the weekly LIVE STREAM that starts at 2pm CST each Saturday.


Our Wisdom From The Torah workbooks are not necessary to participate, however they were specifically designed for use with the broadcasts we do here and can be a valuable resource in your personal studies as well as to enable you to start your own home group Bible studies.

We hope you and your family will have a warm and spirit-filled experience with us as we study YHVH’s Word together.

In Service to the King,

– Rob and Sheila Skiba

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Why Study the Torah? Because it is very important to YHWH:

Just Two Commandments?

What About the 613?

Still confused about the so-called 613 Commandments? Check out this amazing interactive resource
to learn more about this often seriously misunderstood issue:


Destroying Other Wretched Arguments:

Please consider watching the 7 videos Zachery Bauer of New2Torah did responding to the absurd arguments of Todd Friel’s Wretched series against the so-called Hebrew Roots Movement. Each video should play automatically after you finish watching the previous video in this playlist.

Playlist: Destroying Wretched Arguments

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