Dealing With Paul

What Do We Do About Paul?

So, what do we do with Paul and his writings? Well, this page is dedicated to addressing that question. Below are links to a number of blogs written by Rob Skiba, posted to the Ephraim Awakening website (listed below in the original order in which they were published):

Additional Resources:
Unfortunately, many who find themselves trying to walk out the Torah often want to throw Paul out altogether. But here’s the problem with that…
IF Paul is a “heretic” or “false Apostle” etc., then you HAVE TO throw out Peter too (the one Yeshua put in charge after He left), because he personally described Paul’s writings (to the Galatians no less) as “Scripture.” So, now with Paul gone, we’ve just removed 2/3rds of the New Testament, and cast doubt on Peter’s authenticity too. James also vouched for Paul, so he’s got to be next to go – same with the testimony of Barnabas, who clearly was on crack (by this line of reasoning). You also have to question Ananias’ testimony, and calling, which came DIRECTLY from Yeshua (in Acts 9). As the writer of Acts, recording these testimonies, Luke was certainly the most in support of Paul, so now you’ve just removed one of the Gospels and cast doubt on all of the acts of the Apostles. While some doubt that Peter wrote 2 Peter, the common consensus (among scholars who take this view) is that Jude likely wrote it for Peter – probably by direct dictation – because 2 Peter and Jude cover much of the exact same ground. So now you have to question Jude.
But here is the real problem: Easily 9 times out of 10, those who ditch Paul, SOON end up ditching Yeshua too. I’ve seen it happen FAR TOO MANY TIMES to ever be convinced this is not the natural progression of this line of thought. Over and over and over again this happens. And it is more than reasonable for it to happen, considering the willingness to dismiss so much of the New Testament. Rest assured, no one here is among the first to question these things. The “canon” as we know it was settled long ago (even before the Catholics made it “official” the so-called “Early Church Fathers” – some of which were disciples of the Disciples of Yeshua make reference to the same books we now have as the New Testament).
Beyond that, if you toss out Paul, you literally throw out the ONLY author of the New Testament who literally tied the whole narrative together – showing exactly who Yeshua was, what He did and why. In that regard, please consider watching all of the videos in the video gallery below:
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